Argument I for existence of God

Some peoples seem that atheists have good reasons with sound evidences for their belief against existence of God. But this is misunderstanding because their beliefs are suppositions and base on assumption of exceptional things that may be questionable to be taken as evidences. Rather theists are reasonable with available evidences to argue for existence of God. The following argument is one example for theists’ evidence to believe God existence confidently.

Argument about the existence of universe


1)  Universe exists.

2)  Universe is either eternal or has its own limited history (a beginning).

3)  Universe is not eternal.

4)  Therefore, it has a beginning.

I think anyone who lives in this world cannot reject the first and the second premises as true statements. May be in somehow the doubt arises in the third premise. But there are a lot of scientific and philosophical evidences like Big Bang Theory, reduction of hydrogen amount in the universe and cosmic background radiation, which assure that the universe began in the time. So if we accept the existence of universe, we will not have confident to refuse its beginning in the time.


5)  If universe has the beginning, it has been created either by itself or by external body.

6)  Anything that has a beginning cannot come to existence by its own self.

7)  Based on (4) and (6) we can concluded that

Universe has been created by external body.

If premise (5) is true, there are two options for the existence universe; in the one hand, universe could bring itself in to existence without any external factor; but if it couldn’t make this by itself, it has got its existence by other external body. But there is general agreement that many philosophers accepted it as an axiom is that ‘nothing comes from nothing’; based on this assumption obviously premise (6) should be true. So that external body is responsible to create the universe.


8)  There is nothing out of time and space except God.

9)  If God are eternal, there is high possibility that the universe was created by Him.

10) God is eternal. (He can live out of space and time.)

11) Therefore; there is only one possibility that the universe has been created by God.

It is clear that one of God’s attributes is omnipresence (being eternal in everywhere), but all creative things are found within time and space. This implies that premise (8) is true. If all creative things including space and time (universe) are created by external body and God is eternal out of space and time, then it will be the only possibility that God has created the universe. It follows that existence of universe reveals that God must exist.

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